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Early Childhood Homeschooling Opportunities of Minnesota

Committed to supporting the next generation of homeschoolers.






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Welcome to ECHO Minnesota! 


The Planting of a Seed

In the summer of 1999, six families joined together to create a homeschooling support group specifically to meet the needs of their preschool aged children.

Each family had looked for support elsewhere but found most existing support groups did not offer activities or guidance for children under the age of 7. Soon our small group had grown to over 25 families….which translated to more than 70 children! And we were receiving new inquiries every day.

We knew we could not support a larger group without sacrificing the close community we had built. So it was decided that we would form a larger umbrella organization to assist others in forming homeschooling support groups with the youngest homeschoolers in mind.

And so, Early Childhood Homeschooling Opportunities of Minnesota was born.

ECHO Mission Statement

ECHO-MN is an inclusive homeschool organization designed for families with young children who wish to learn more about homeschooling as an alternative form of education. We are committed to serving families by offering free quarterly informational meetings where parents will be able to meet other homeschooling parents and find the answers to questions commonly asked by new homeschoolers. In addition, we strive to support new homeschooling families by providing mentors and a model for starting and operating a successful support group. Our goal is to provide these services at no charge whenever possible. ECHO-MN is committed to fulfilling its mission without discrimination of any kind. We encourage and support many different educational philosophies, and strive to provide a wide variety of information for new homeschoolers to make their own choices.



Homeschool Happenings

Check here for information about upcoming ECHO-MN activities and events of interest to Minnesota homeschoolers. ECHO-MN events are free unless otherwise noted. 

November 8, 2001

ECHO Quarterly Meeting

New members are always welcome!

Discussion Topic:
Socialization and 
Dealing with Opposition

We will have a friendly and open discussion about what socialization means to a homeschooling family. Come with your stories, questions and ideas. 

Some things to think about:

  • What is "socialization"?

  • Positive socialization versus Negative socialization.

  • Positive parenting

  • Diversity...are homeschooled children missing out on diverse friendships?

  • Telling friends and family you plan on homeschooling

  • When your in-laws quiz your kids :)

ECHO quarterly meetings are held from 6:30-9:00 pm at the Southdale Library in Edina. 
For more information and directions please see the  ECHO Events page.




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