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Early Childhood Homeschooling Opportunities of Minnesota

Committed to supporting the next generation of homeschoolers.





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ECHO-MN is a volunteer organization and is operated and maintained by homeschooling parents. The information received on this website or in other ECHO-MN material is based on the personal experiences of local homeschoolers, not legal experts, and should not be considered legal advice. Homeschooling requires hard work from dedicated parents, as well as support from the community. ECHO-MN encourages all parents to be certain they are making the best possible decisions for their children.

ECHO-MN strongly encourages parents to consider several methods of homeschooling before choosing a style for their own families. The resources found on this website and other ECHO-MN materials have been chosen for their broad and varied content. ECHO-MN does not promote any one method of homeschooling in particular and we do not endorse any businesses connected with the resources named in our publications, including this website. 

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this website or ECHO-MN. You can contact us at .


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