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Welcome to ECHO Minnesota! 

What is ECHO-MN?

ECHO-MN is an outreach group designed to help families with young children learn about homeschooling and support those families via quarterly meetings, egroup communication and connecting families with homeschooling support groups. 

What ECHO-MN is not….

ECHO-MN is not a legal resource, curriculum provider or preschool co-operative. The information we share is based on the personal experiences of local homeschoolers. We are happy to share what we have learned, but encourage everyone considering homeschooling to educate themselves on the law and homeschooling philosophies to be sure they are making the best possible decision for themselves and for their children. 


ECHO History: The Planting of a Seed

In the summer of 1999, six families joined together to create a homeschooling support group specifically to meet the needs of their preschool aged children.

Each family had looked for support elsewhere but found most existing support groups did not offer activities or guidance for children under the age of 7. Soon our small group had grown to over 25 families…which translated to more than 70 children! We were receiving new inquiries every day.

We knew we could not support a larger group without sacrificing the close community we had built. So it was decided that we would form a larger umbrella organization to assist others in forming homeschooling support groups with the youngest homeschoolers in mind.

Hence, Early Childhood Homeschooling Opportunities of Minnesota was born.

Looking Ahead!

The original ECHO support group, Origins, is now several years old. Naturally, the focus of that group has begun to shift from preschool to elementary age activities and discussions. Yet, Origins continues to support new homeschooling families by sharing what they have learned.  

It is our hope that each ECHO support group remains connected even as their children move from preschool to school-age. 


Next ECHO Quarterly Meeting 

When: Thursday March, 1, 2007
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Ridgedale Library
12601 Ridgedale Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55305


Preschool Screening and
Should I Homeschool

New families are always welcome.

Please check the ECHO Events page for more information about this event and other events of interest to homeschooling families. 



ECHO Mission Statement

ECHO-MN is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization providing homeschooling information and support to families with young children.

  • ECHO-MN promotes the legal and positive education alternative of homeschooling to families with young children.
  • ECHO-MN strives to foster an accurate and favorable image of home education.
  • ECHO-MN seeks to empower parents to trust their abilities to educate their children at home through quarterly informational meetings and providing mentors and a model for starting and operating a successful support group.
  • ECHO-MN encourages families to take an active role in preserving their right to choose how they will educate their children.
  • ECHO-MN does not promote any one method of homeschooling and strives to provide a wide range of information about educational philosophy to allow parents to make the best choices they can for their families.
  • ECHO-MN is committed to fulfilling its mission in an atmosphere of respect and inclusiveness.


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